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Drake High School Disney Homecoming 2014 No Comments

Drake High School Disney Homecoming 2014

DJ Drew and the Level Up Crew headed to San Anselmo on October 25th for Drake’s 2014 Disney Homecoming. When DJ Drew first met with the school, the ASB Teacher, Kendall, emphasized that this was the most important dance of the year. She wanted something that was different and that would WOW the students. Kendall also explained that she wanted the Disney Theme brought out. The Level Up Team put their heads together and came up with a perfect plan! We would cut the gym in half, but not just any normal way… we would divide the gym up with a 60 FOOT VIDEO WALL! The wall would project photos, videos, and visuals of Disney! On the floor, we would have a custom lighting design with 4 Truss Towers, a Custom Stage, and 4 LED Battery Powered Dance Platforms for the students to dance on.

Drake, also had a smaller gym right next door where food and beverages would be! We decided to uplight the gym with blue and purple to give it a little character. Our team also thought that this space would be perfect for our open air photo booth.

Take a look at some of our photos during the design process…

10710261_10152861903733833_3147964836306285682_o 10379858_10152861903723833_6931214459437496256_o 10557133_10152861903718833_3054727939638101615_o

As we started to put the show together, our team switched the look up just a little bit, but it enclosed the space even more to make sure everything was compact and didn’t feel “too” open. Here are some other photos during the setup process…


d1  d2 d7 d5 d6 d4

As the doors opened and the kids’ came into the gym, they couldn’t believe their eyes! From the Video Wall, the Lighting, LED Dance Platforms, and the Music, the kids were STOKED! If the students’ got tired of dancing, they would hop into the photo booth, and come back to party with DJ Drew! We also had our videographer, Sarah there, taking photos and video! The students’ LOVED THAT! By the end of the night, the students’ didn’t want to leave. DJ Drew got up in front of everyone and had them rocking to Don’t Stop Believing because the San Francisco Giants won that night, and then closing it with “We Are Young”! When the gym lights turned on, students came up to the Level Up Team and thanked them for a night they would never forget. Kendall, the ASB Teacher, the principal and the assistant, also thanked us and said they had never been a part of something like this! :)

Here are some of the photos from the night. ENJOY!

Level up-47 Level up-48 Level up-44 Level up-40 Level up-41 Level up-42 Level up-30  Level up-25  Level up-18 Level up-17 Level up-16 Level up-12 Level up-11 Level up-9 Level up-7 Level up-5 Level up-3 Level up-2

Also, see more photos on our FACEBOOK PAGE!

Please contact us for your next event!

Level Up Nor Cal


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Alhambra Homecoming Dance 2014 No Comments

Alhambra Homecoming Dance 2014

DJ Drew, DJ Josh, DJ Alex, and the Lcvel Up Team took their talents to Alhambra High School in Martinez. Alhambra High School brought us in as they were looking for a company to come in and infuse bring more school spirit within the school. DJ Drew showed off his talents at their first rally of the year as kids and faculty members left that rally saying, “We have never felt so much energy and seeing the students’ get so into the rally”. Then, DJ Drew came back for a 45 minute lunch jam a few weeks later, and what a sight that was to see. You had students dancing in a packed quad and the message was sent saying that our company is something the students have NEVER experience before!

The Level Up Team created a marketing flyer and a promotional video for the ASB Team to help advertise the dance. The result, increased dance attendance for their homecoming.

Finally, the homecoming! What a night it was! The students were fired up, they were amazed by our setup, and the Level Up Team did not disappoint. By the end of the night, the students packed around the DJ Stage and sang “We Are Young” together as ONE!

Here are some of the photos from the event:

IMG_0038 IMG_0048 IMG_0056 IMG_0068 IMG_0070 IMG_0075 IMG_0080 IMG_0086 IMG_0093 IMG_0099 IMG_0114 IMG_0122 IMG_0133 IMG_0139 IMG_0189  IMG_0202 IMG_0213 IMG_0224 IMG_0229 IMG_0246 IMG_0318 IMG_0323   IMG_0336 IMG_0341

Click On This Link To Few The Rest Of Our Photos From The Event

Click On This Link To Few A Video Clip Of The Final Song

We are looking forward to rocking out Alhambra’s Next DANCE! It’s time to take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Day at Mercy High School No Comments

Breast Cancer Awareness Day at Mercy High School

On October 9th, DJ Drew and Level Up Entertainment volunteered their time MCing and DJing, at Mercy High School in Burlingame for Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Breast Cancer does hit home for the CEO/Founder of Level Up Entertainment, as his mom battled through it 3 years ago and became a survivor. It was amazing to see the togetherness and the support from the students and faculty as they poured out to the front lawn all wearing pink showing their support.


Each year it is estimated that over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. Although breast cancer in men is rare, an estimated 2,150 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 410 will die each year.

10471269_10150436052834970_7618221339062694844_n   1798459_10150436052859970_5272055420741886328_n   1782094_10150436052564970_7645495701508752631_n

This day was for the students and faculty to come together and bring awareness to how real and how many people this disease has affected just in the Mercy community. From students and faculty reading facts about Breast Cancer, sharing their own personal stories about how they have been affected, and to some of them volunteering to cut between 8-10inches of their own hair to show support, it was a touching event to be a part of.

DJ Drew kept the event fun and upbeat by playing music across the genres. Our favorite moment was when we played “I Will Survive” and you had faculty and students with their arms around each other singing their hearts out. Mercy High School was very appreciative of us coming out. It showed everyone in the school community that Level Up Entertainment is a company doing anything we can to help build their community stronger along with our relationship with them.

So let’s all take a moment and remember those who aren’t here with us today because of Breast Cancer, and for those who have survived this deadly disease….

We will get through this together! :)


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Tuesday, the 14th

DJ Lunch Jams No Comments

DJ Lunch Jams

photo 3[1]

When an ASB Teacher or school is looking to hirer a new company for their school dances, they always want to know, what makes the company they are looking at different from the rest. The biggest aspect that makes us different is how we make those personal connections with the faculty and students through our “DJ Lunch Jams”. The first thing we explain to all schools is that Level Up is all about promoting, marketing, and increasing your school dance attendance. DJ Lunch Jams allows one of our DJ’s to perform in front of the student community between30-40 minutes during lunch in the quad,  so they understand that we can MC and also MIX MUSIC from all ranges!

The Lunch Jams also give an opportunity to promote the dance. What better way to sell students on coming to the dance then to have you actual entertainment there in your quad promoting the dance and giving a sneak peek to the students’ of what to expect at the dance!

                                      IMG_0211                            IMG_0527

In most cases, we have helped increase school dances from between 100-200 students by doing a DJ Lunch Jam and showcasing that we are a company that is here to stay at their school and build this RELATIONSHIP together! Our DJ’s do a great job of reaching out to the student community at these Lunch Jams to help break the ice and earn the students’ trust.

If you are looking to add a new energy and feel of how you promote your dances, then contact us at and we will walk you through that process and do a free showcase at your school. LET’S TAKE YOUR SCHOOL DANCES TO THE NEXT LEVEL!


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Sunday, the 7th

Recap of 2013-2014 School Season No Comments

Recap of 2013-2014 School Season

What a year we had in 2013-2014 for our school season! From our welcome back dances, to Homecoming, our middle of the year dances, Prom, and Grad Night, we took our game a LEVEL UP! We increased our business by 100% this year, and our poised to double our business in 2014-2015 as word has spread about our company and our level of professionalism and quality.

Our company is not about just doing 1 school dance for your school, but rather, building a long term relationship with the faculty and students at your school. We form 1 Team/1 Vision!

Over this past year, we took a bunch of GREAT Photos and videos of our work. Enjoy!

verducci-las-lomas-64 verducci-las-lomas-26 IMG_8573 IMG_8449copy IMG_0781-copy1 IMG_0208 duccigrad 10308327_763364253695676_9153056761658409034_n 549608_445138315590282_1281524409_n

Miramonte High School’s Junior Prom 2014 Highlight Reel- Level Up Entertainment from Level Up Entertainment on Vimeo.

Las Lomas High School’s Senior Ball Highlight Reel- Level Up Entertainment from Level Up Entertainment on Vimeo.

Our Lady of Angels Graduation Dance- Level Up Entertainment from Level Up Entertainment on Vimeo.

St. Mary’s College O Year Reunion from Level Up Entertainment on Vimeo.


Level Up Entertainment Team

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Welcome To Our New Website No Comments

Welcome To Our New Website

Hi Everyone!

I want to welcome all the new students and faculty from various schools around the bay area who are viewing our brand new website for Level Up Entertainment for Northern California. Our team at Level Up Entertainment has spent countless hours creating a website that is very hands on, and provides you all the information about our company.

We hope after looking through the site you understand why it’s important to invest into your school dances rather than trying to find the cheapest DJ. If you invest into your school dances, the students will see that and attend your dances.

Throughout this site you will see plenty of photos and videos from various events that we have put on for our schools. Our team believes that you will be able to see understand the difference of why so many schools hirer us to come in and take their dances to the NEXT LEVEL!

Our favorite page of this website is the Planning Page. This page clearly lays out the process our company takes for planning a school dance or event for any given school. We feel our process is what separates us from any other company that does school events.  This process makes it easy on everyone so planning a school event can be fun!

We understand that students’ want to hear mixes from whoever DJ or company they bring in, so we have created a MIXCRATE, specifically to hear clean/edited mixes from our very own DJ’s. Our DJ’s actually mix music. We aren’t push button DJ’s.

Our Contact Form makes it easy for you to give us all necessary information we need to give you a quote ASAP.

So enjoy our brand new site, and please fill out the contact form to get us at your next school event!


Level Up Entertainment Team

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